2004 : Creation of the company in Paris by the three actual partners.

2007 : Opening of the Belgium offices. A true will of opening up the European market, this has been the starting point of Iliades european development by expanding its services in Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg or the Netherlands.

2012 : Opening of the Expertise center in Tunisia. Specialized in SAP for Utilities, this new centers aim is to provide a high technical and functional level. The Tunisian employees have taken benefits from the same initial and lasting formations than in Paris or Brussels. Thanks to a constant development, Iliade Consulting is still continuing  its development phase with a turnvover in constant growth. The three partners feel really concerned with keeping the high expertize  level.

Because keeping a high level of expertise is a real strength, partners have chosen to give priority to a controlled growth of its workforce in order to ensure each new employee the best formation in accordance with the high level of Iliade Consultings exigence.